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Artemis Character Sheet
Name: Artemis
Sex: Female
Species: Human
Description: She is very fast and athletic. While she doesn't look very stong or intimidating, she is oddly sorry and clever. She has an odd connection with Pokemon and they can understand her perfectly. She has a respect for all things living and she loves them all.
Past: She is the sister of Loki before he became a Zorua. She has no clue what he has become or the fact that he isn't dead.
Skills: Outdoor survival, tracking, medicine, playing the leaf whistle.
:iconfolanthewolf:folanthewolf 3 4
Memorial day cake by folanthewolf Memorial day cake :iconfolanthewolf:folanthewolf 5 29
Dragon RP V2
You had gotten a job at the zoo and you came for your first day. While doing your duties you got lost and accidentally walked into the wrong room. You caught site of a red dragon with tan horns and belly. You take a look at his information and it says that they are trying to tame him a bit so he can safely be around humans. His wings were in some leather covers, making him so he can't​ spread them out. His claws were strapped into leather shoes to keep him from using them, and his mouth is muzzled
:iconfolanthewolf:folanthewolf 1 709
Eevee RP V2
You are an Eevee and you hear of a group of eeveelutions living in the forest, there is apparently one of every type. You decide to join them and head to their house.
:iconfolanthewolf:folanthewolf 3 667
Poem of the Good of Heart
On the wall, the words I left
while there's life, there's also death
for one to be, the other must remain
which would be more humane?
The one where there is no self remain
but with that, you must refrain
you don't know what they are to attain
what they cannot because they don't remain
:iconfolanthewolf:folanthewolf 3 17
I'm too much of a nerd for my own good ^^ by folanthewolf I'm too much of a nerd for my own good ^^ :iconfolanthewolf:folanthewolf 12 17
Okami/ Okamiden RP
Amatuasu (you) and Chibiterasu (me) where down in the normal world, acting like normal mother and pup.
(You choose what happenes)
:iconfolanthewolf:folanthewolf 1 50
Folan Character Sheet
Name: Folan
Species: Eevee shifter ( An eevee that can change eeveelutions at will.)
Age: 19
Alignment: Chaotic good
Past: Once he became 16 he got a strange urge to evolve. There seemed to be an inner compass guiding him to a place. Once he got there, he found that there were many ways to evolve there, not just one. When the time came, he ended up having all he factors happen at once (It was Dawn, he was by a icy boulder and a mossy boulder, he was standing on the three evolution stones and he used a fairy move in combat) These all combined and instead of it being a bright white light, it was a long, blinding beam that emanated from him and yet, he stayed an eevee. Long story short Folan was dying due to his eeveeshifting abilities and he had to stop it, and the only way to do that was to find 9 gems, on for each type of eeveelution, including eevee.  Once he found them his abilities stabilized and his slow death stopped.
Skills: Jack of all trades but
:iconfolanthewolf:folanthewolf 5 3
Loki Character Sheet
Name: Loki
Species: Zorua
Age: Physical age:  2 Actual age: 21
Alignment: Chaotic good
Past: WARNING, MAJOR SPOLIERS FOR THIS CHARACTER, IF YOU PLAN TO RP WITH HIM, AND HAVEN'T DONE SO ALREADY, I WOULD SUGGEST NOT READING THISHe was originally a human but, while at a pokemon tournament he got hit by a missed shadow ball and was taken away by medical personal. While the medical personal suspected he was dead, a vigilant sylveon picked up a heartbeat and rushed him to her friends because she knew that the humans couldn't help him. When the eeveeluions healed him the remnants of the shadow ball attack messed with the healing and instead of healing him and reviving him, it slowly changed him into a shiny Zorua. After that year was over the eeveelutions realized that he was about to wake up and they, instead of having to see him angry and having to get asked questions that they didn't have the answer to, they left him in an open plain and watched until
:iconfolanthewolf:folanthewolf 4 353
Zorua RP V6
While traveling through a town you heard rumors of stray shiny Zorua with a green collar running around in the allies. They say he is nearly impossible to find, let alone catch. He has seen by many trainers and many of them had tried and failed to capture it. Many people thought there was something very special about him.
When you went to the hotel so you can take a rest for the night everything seemed normal. While in your bed you heard a loud bang and you looked out the nearest window and the exact shiny Zorua that the rumors were about digging in a trash can for food.
:iconfolanthewolf:folanthewolf 1 1,919
Warriors RP
It was the beginning of leafbare and while patrolling the border you saw an odd can, just lieing there, unconscious.
:iconfolanthewolf:folanthewolf 2 472
Spyro RP
Something happened, you are no longer in the same world you were in and you have no idea how to get back. Nearby you see three dragons, standing over a fourth, all looking concerned for him. One was a blackish purple, one was pink, and one was red.
:iconfolanthewolf:folanthewolf 4 1,467
Eragon RP
When traveling along a road you find a small crater in the ground. In the middle you see a small, purple stone. "It must be dropped by the heavens" You say to yourself as you pick it up, and you could swear it wiggled in your hand.
:iconfolanthewolf:folanthewolf 3 349
Kilo The Zorua character sheet
Name: Kilo
Nature: adamant
Age: 21
Level: 25
Moves: Attract, oder sleuth, Pursuit, and embargo.
Description: Ever since she saw Loki (Shy shiny zorua) she had been obsessed with him and won't leave him alone. All she cares about is being with him and she has a dream of having children with him. No matter how many times he says no or runs away she just refuses to leave him alone.
:iconfolanthewolf:folanthewolf 1 57
  Eevee RP by folanthewolf Eevee RP :iconfolanthewolf:folanthewolf 3 1,319 Dragon RP by folanthewolf Dragon RP :iconfolanthewolf:folanthewolf 2 1,894


Fly in the skies (commission) by Tomek1000 Fly in the skies (commission) :icontomek1000:Tomek1000 67 5 Tiana Feral practice by Tomek1000 Tiana Feral practice :icontomek1000:Tomek1000 73 11 Luna (Bio) by StarlightNexus-Chan Luna (Bio) :iconstarlightnexus-chan:StarlightNexus-Chan 47 46 Undertale - In the Sea by TC-96 Undertale - In the Sea :icontc-96:TC-96 3,462 445 Disquiet by Nightrizer Disquiet :iconnightrizer:Nightrizer 479 18 Mimiga Madness 5 Mimiga'd by DestinyZekrom Mimiga Madness 5 Mimiga'd :icondestinyzekrom:DestinyZekrom 7 2 TEMPERANCE CASTING CALL by Mollish TEMPERANCE CASTING CALL :iconmollish:Mollish 78 32 [Music] Uncomfortable Xylophone by Uluri [Music] Uncomfortable Xylophone :iconuluri:Uluri 24 2 h-have you seen my glasses!? by AestheticMage h-have you seen my glasses!? :iconaestheticmage:AestheticMage 21 19 PMD GOTU CH 3 Pg 2 by StarlightNexus-Chan PMD GOTU CH 3 Pg 2 :iconstarlightnexus-chan:StarlightNexus-Chan 52 59 Three of the kinds by PKM-150 Three of the kinds :iconpkm-150:PKM-150 189 63 The Best Stone To Sleep On! by TheGuyNoOneRemembers The Best Stone To Sleep On! :icontheguynooneremembers:TheGuyNoOneRemembers 38 22 Zorveechu by TsaoShin Zorveechu :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 1,266 133 Necrozma Infection : Ho-oh and Lugia by Tomycase Necrozma Infection : Ho-oh and Lugia :icontomycase:Tomycase 980 113 After all this time? by JoJoesArt After all this time? :iconjojoesart:JoJoesArt 1,268 85 Pip by Nightrizer Pip :iconnightrizer:Nightrizer 1,149 31



Hey guys, I am thinking on making it so Folan's pendant changes objects when he changes eeveelutions, what do you guys think?
So, I just has the wake up call of my dreams... A centipede dropping from my hair onto my shoulder, rip sleep for me.
Guys, it's currently 1:23 in the morning and I feel completely exausted but I would like to ask: Should I make a writing focused Discord group?
Hey guys, I don't have any ideas for more rp starters, anybody has some ideas / suggestions?


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